The idea behind Nicoff is to offer a product for those who appreciate the experience of snus, but want to avoid nicotine and tobacco. After several years of research and development work to find the right taste and experience under the lip. The result was a soft and tasty pouches completely without tobacco and nicotine. Nicoff consists of vegetable fibers that are spiced with carefully selected flavors to give a familiar taste experience. The pouches have a soft shape to sit well under the lip. Nicoff is available in the drier White pouches in four different flavors; traditional tobacco taste, licorice, mint and strong.

Nicoff – Stark

Nicoff stark är både fri från tobak och nikotin, snuset har smak utav stark bergamott och peppar vilket ger en intensiv smakupplevelse, snuset innehåller Coffein och vitaminer som kan få dig att känna dig pigg och aktiv.

Nicoff – Lakrits

Nicoff Lakrits Portion is a completely nicotine-free & tobacco-free white snus that has a clear taste of licorice, tobacco and anise, you can also feel hints of pepper. Nicoff is perfect for those who want to stop snus or continue snus during pregnancy or breastfeeding as the snus does not contain any ginseng or other health risks.

Nicoff – Minto

Nicoff Minto Portion is a completely nicotine-free & tobacco-free white snus that gives off a fresh mint feeling in the mouth when you snus it. Nicoff Minto is completely based on plant fibers. Regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding, Nicoff works perfectly. The snus does not contain any ginseng.

Nicoff – Original

Nicoff Original Portion is a completely nicotine-free and tobacco-free white snus. The Pouches give the same feeling as regular snus and are created from plant fibers. Nicoff Stark is created from traditional snus aromas. Nicoff can be used as snus during pregnancy and lactation, as it does not contain any ginseng.