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What ingredients are in snus?

AM Swedish snus always has an ingredient list on our snus cans, which you can read more about on each individual product page here at Water, tobacco and salt are the main ingredients and do not need to be explained further. E501 is an acidity regulator used to regulate the pH level in our snus, just like in many other food grade products. E1520 is a humectant that is often used in snus, but is also used in food. In addition, our snus contains small amounts of flavor aromas, which are adapted based on each snus brand. The aromas consist only of natural chemicals found in, for example, plants or berries. We only use natural aromas used in food.

How long does snus last?

Depending on the composition and nature of the snus mixture, snus lasts for different lengths of time. In each product page here on our website, you can check the durability of your particular snus.

What do you make your snus cans from?

The plastic in all AM Swedish snus snus cans consists of polypropylene, the world’s most common plastic, which is oil-based. Polypropylene is also used to make lunch boxes and other food packaging.

When the color of the cans changes, the machines need to be cleaned, which can lead to residual products. These residual products are recycled and used, among other things, for sound walls by car roads. At AM Swedish snus, we are careful with environmental management and recycling – even with our subcontractors.

What types of snus does AM Swedish snus produce?

AM Swedish snus has right now two brands for snus, The premium brand 24K snus but also the white nicotine pouches and tobacco-free alternative SWAG Nicotine Pouches and we also produce Nicoff, tobacco and nicotine free snus.

Where can I find your snus prices?

AM Swedish snus has no price lists, but it is our retailers who set the price of the snus in their stores. You can always contact us here if you need more information

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